Break Up Lines

Avoid these six breakup lines and your conscious uncoupling might go a little more smoothly.

Break up lines. You ve heard of pick up lines but what about break up lines. This isn t easy and neither are you i m breaking up with you i still care about you but i just don t find my heart jumping out of my chest when i see you anymore i think you love me more than i love you my cat doesn t like you we are like a broken mirror. Why would you say that you love her when you don t.

It s me this one s the oldest line in the breakup handbook and it s almost completely lost its credibility at this point. It is not fair for you to. I can t keep hurting you.

I mean there is no nice way to say that the other person just sucks but you gotta stop being a dick about it. Funny break up lines do you want to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend. If i said i was madly in love with you you d know i was lying.

You ll break up in no time and in style with our list of hilarious break up lines. I don t feel like i live up to your expectations. So if you re looking for a slightly classier breakup line to end things once and for all here are a few promising options.

So next time you break up with someone be nice about it. I don t feel worthy enough for you. You cheated and would rather break up than get caught.

Say this to someone during your dramatic breakup speech and you re almost guaranteed a complimentary eye roll from him or her accompanied by an angry sigh. Many people use this breakup line in the heat of the moment hoping to diffuse the tension. We understand your.

But there are certainly approaches you can use to help make a dumping less brutal. Don t throw crumbs at your partner. However this breakup line will always haunt you even after you have long moved on.

All the lines below were used on real people who said these were the best breakups they ever had in terms of minimal humiliation and short recovery.

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